Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Meeting of the Minds(?)

A few members of the CCCG&SC recently journeyed to the Green Bean coffee shop in nearby Greensboro, NC to sit on on the monthly get-together of the NC Webcomics Coffee Clatch. (Note how, in the web link above, the Green Bean appears to be owned by comedian Andy Dick.) There are a surprizing number of well-known web comics creators in North Carolina, mostly from the Triangle...but fortunately this month they chose to meet near Winston-Salem. Here's a picture from the event:

Back row, left to right: Jeff Darlington (General Protection Fault), Larry Holderfield (Sinister Bedfellows), Ben Towle (CCCG), Paul Friedrich (onionhead monster)

Front row, left to right: Thomas Whaples (CCCG), Jamie Robertson (Clan of the Cats), Nina Whaples (CCCG), and Johnnie Story


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