Friday, October 21, 2005

First Meeting: Good News and (Possibly) Bad News

I went by Morning Dew this morning to verify that meeting Saturday afternoon there would be OK, and got a bit of (potentially) bad news: namely, that there's some possiblity that some other business may be moving in and occupying the bulk of the space in there...and thus relagating the coffee shop portion of the space to a smaller area unsuitable for a large gathering. This isn't 100% for sure at the moment, and the owner said that if this doesn't happen, we can definitely meet there in the afternoon, one Saturday a month at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Fortunately, I've been able to secure an alternate location as a backup in case this falls through: the Sawtooth Center. The folks down there indicated to me that we could likely meet Saturday afternoons in one of the classrooms. Some of you are familiar with the Sawtooth--it'll be a great space to be able to meet: plenty of room, big tables, etc. Even if we wind up meeting at Morning Dew sometimes, we might want to consider switching up occasionally and meeting at the Sawtooth every once in a while just for fun. It's (obviously) a great place for drawing, etc.

So..... either way, we've got somewhere to meet (yay!). Now we just need to set a date for our first meeting. I propose either:

Saturday, October 29th (next weekend) @ 2:00pm


Saturday, November 12th (in three weeks) @ 2:00pm

And, as mentioned above, we'll meet either at Morning Dew or at the Sawtooth depending on how things have sorted out.

Comments, thoughts, rants?



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