Thursday, August 20, 2009

Next CCCG Meeting: Saturday, September 19th @ 2:00pm

The next meeting of the Camel City Cartoonists' Guild will be on Saturday, September 19th at 2:00 pm at Krankies Coffee.

I know September is a busy month for some of us comics folk--what with the Bookmarks Book festival on the 12th and SPX cranking up on the 25th--but I hope folks are still able to make it to the meeting.

I really liked just about everything about meeting at Krankies (Wi-Fi, coffee, lots of table space, OK lighting, booze) except the lack of A.C. I'm hoping that by mid-September the weather will be tolerable, but if for some reason it's suddenly going to be 95 degrees on the 19th, I may send around a last-minute "change of venue" maybe back over to Brew Nerds.

Directions: Krankies is downtown in the warehouse district, on the corner of 3rd and N. Chestnut. Here's a link to a Google Map.

As usual, bring your drawing supplies, any good comics you've been reading that you think folks might be interested in checking out, and any books you've borrowed that you need to return.


Blogger Gus Dark said...

Hi there, I'm Gus , 28 yo Balinese.
I'd love to draw like you guys, I got my cartoons here at, please check 'em out and support cartonnist and illustrator ... ;) piss

11:55 PM  

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