Monday, February 16, 2009

CCCG February Meeting

It was tough to settle on a date for this one. It was impossible to find a date that "pleased all of the people all of the time," as they say, so of the two dates that got the most positive responses, I picked the closest one: February 28th, at the usual 2:00 pm.

The only problem with this date, however, is that there's not an available room at the library. I propose, therefore, that we meet instead at the Brew Nerds coffee shop in downtown Winston. It's on Fourth Street, where Sin Coffee used to be. We'll probably have to curtail any large-scale drawing projects, but given that it's been a while since we last got together, I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about--and plenty of books to pass around.

As usual, bring your drawing supplies, any good comics you've been reading that you think folks might be interested in checking out, and any books you've borrowed that you need to return.

Hope to see you there!



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