Saturday, July 18, 2009

Madden's "Random Marks" Exercise

The CCCG's July meeting at Krankies Coffee went well. Although a bit warm (there's no A.C.) Krankies is a great place to draw. There's plenty of table space, OK lighting and plenty of coffee, beer and baked goods to consume.

At this gathering, we attempted an improvised jam comics exercise recently posted to Matt Madden's blog here. Being at a coffee shop, we didn't want to break out the bottles of India ink, so we made our random lines with regular old Microns instead. We did the exercise jam style, where each of us would grid off a page and make the random marks and then the pages were mixed up and distributed at random. The results are posted below. Note that we weren't able to document the original pages with the random marks, but we were able in most cases to indicate the random marks with either red or orange pencil--so that's what those colored marks are.

by Rick
by Mandy
by Craig
by Cassie
by Ben
by Alton


Blogger Tami said...

Alton is a deeply disturbed individual. :)

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