Sunday, May 21, 2006

Borders Cafe Meeting Enjoyed by All

The CCCG held its now-becoming-monthly informal get-together at Borders Cafe at the Thruway this past Saturday afternoon. Attendees included Adam, Ben, and Alton, as well as an appearance by Don--not seen since the very first meeting. Also, making her first ever appearance at a CCCG function was Eva who's home (in Kernersville, AKA "K-Vegas ") for the summer, taking a break from drawing her comic strip "Bilson" for the Bryn Mawr student newspaper. She claims to be doing schoolwork there as well.

Alton completed a panel in our "comics bingo" story, Ben and Eva inked the few remaining uninked panels in the narrative corpse grid, and other folks kept busy putting the finishing touches on our free-form "Senses" jam pages.


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