Sunday, May 07, 2006

Free Comic Book Day

Unless you're a comic fan living under a rock, Saturday May 6th was Free Comic Book Day! It was a chance to try out some titles you may have heard about, but haven't been exposed to.

For the Camel City Cartoonists Guild & Social Club, it was a chance to emphasize the latter part of our moniker with a group gathering at Silver Bullet Comics in Winston-Salem at 11AM.

Later in the day, we did what we do best-- comix!

Our monthly meeting was held at the Sawtooth School. Among the members present were Adam, Alton, Ben, Craig, Nina, and Thomas (with a guest appearance by Terra.)

Adam working on his hourly comic outside Silver Bullet.

Ben tries to determine if he wants Superman/Batman #1 or the Fantagraphics book.

Craig asks: "Hey guys, should we draw, or sit around and burn through some manga volumes?"

Ben works on our latest hair-brained idea, the "Bingo" comic created with a 20-sided die.

Craig: "...and so then Kirby says, 'Two buckets?!' "
Elliot: "BWHAHAHAHA!!"


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