Sunday, October 15, 2006

SPX 2006

This past weekend, CCCGers Ben, Adam, and Craig trekked up to Rockville, MD for SPX 2006 at the new location of the Mariott Conference Center.

Different from years past, all of the exhibitors were contained in one room, not two parallel conference rooms and various smaller meeting rooms.

Reactions were mixed, with some thinking the crowd was bigger, others thinking smaller (but it's tough to judge seeing as how everyone was in one room and not spread out across a whole floor of a hotel as in years past.) One major complaint was the narrow walking spaces which prohibited people from congregating in front of tables (or consequently inhibited those trying to pass.)

And now, pictures!

Ben concludes "Yes, I believe I shall attempt to eat as many meals with crab cake as possible!"

Freshly late to the show, Adam is ecstatic to learn that his comics, folded and bound on the drive up to Maryland, are the freshest ones in the room!

Duane "The Pain" Ballenger practices his Kirk swagger.

Chris Reilly tells a funny joke.
(Not pictured, Chris Reilly.)

New Jersey cartoonists John Carre (l) loves chicken nuggets and and Ian Harker (r) loves to be angry. REAL angry!

Large show room, friend or foe?

Super star Ben Towle takes time out to autograph a book for his fans.

Photographic proof that Chris Reilly was there.

It'll take some time to pour through the various books picked up from the show, but the early favorite for Ben and Adam was "Flying Bear", a mini about... a flying bear... that bites people's head off.

See you next year!


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